Frequently Asked Questions


(and some we just made up ourselves)

What is it like living and filming in Cayman?

It’s beautiful – our scenery is unparalleled – our clean beaches, cerulean seas, lush Caribbean vegetation.  We have the benefits of a small, friendly community where everybody knows each other.  We have a phrase here to describe our good nature – “CaymanKind.”  We also benefit from the solid infrastructure and sophisticated network of professionals and businesses so in that way, it also feels like you have the advantages that come from a big city.  It’s very unique compared to the rest of the Caribbean. 

How easy was it to adapt the film from the novel?

Not as easy as I thought, Michelle says. The novel is 70,000 words and the screenplay had to be much shorter – 20,000 words. I’m emotionally attached to some of the book chapters that would have been great on film but they just wouldn’t all fit, no matter how hard I tried!

What challenges did you face during filming?

We couldn’t stop laughing sometimes!  We did some group scenes with actors we’d just done a theatre comedy with.  The one-liners were firing rapidly back and forth across this very talented group from the get go.  And after 19 hours we were laughing at anything and everything.

We also had challenges with Adam Cockerill, who plays Karly’s love interest, being 6’6″ compared to the Michelle’s 5’7″.

“We may have hit Adam in the head a few times with the equipment,” says Malcolm.

“I injured my neck during the kissing scene,” Michelle adds, “I had to go to the chiropractor the next day.”

Have you encountered any big surprises on the way?

The biggest surprise was the amount of community interest and support we encountered.  Cayman is incredible that way. We were also surprised by the number of talented people on our small island.  Whenever we started talking about the movie, everyone wanted to help and we were astounded by the various skills and experience levels.


Do you wish you’d had a bigger budget for the movie?

Well, who doesn’t want more money?  Although it was easy not to disagree where to allocate funds since…there were none. 😉

As well, none of our cast and crew were doing this for pay. Everyone was involved purely out of passion for the project.  And that passion provided a positive energy that carried us through the two years it took to finish the movie.